Global Climate - Tropical Moist Climates

General Characteristics - year-round warm temperatures (all months have mean temperatures above 18C [64F]) and abundant rainfall (typical annual average exceeds 150 cm [59"])

Extent - 15-25 north and south of the equator

Major types:

  • tropical wet (Af)
    • small seasonal temperature variations (less than 3C)
    • solar radiation is constant year round
    • the diurnal temperature variation is larger than the seasonal variation!!
    • moist, convective showers most every afternoon
    • example at Iquitos, Peru
  • tropical monsoon (Am)
    • similar to Af, with the exception that monthly average precipitation falls below 6 cm for a month or two - not enough to affect the rain forest, however.

Climate Map - West

Climate Map - East

  • tropical wet and dry (Aw)
    • located just pole ward of the tropical wet regions
    • have a distinct dry season - monthly rainfall is less than 6 cm for more than two months - due to shift of ITCZ and subtropical highs
    • jungle areas transforms into savanna grasslands
    • obtain same amount of precip as Af, rain rates fluctuate greatly during the year and from year to year
    • example at Timbo, Guinea (11N)