Assessing convective mode - ordinary cell, multi cell, and supercell storms

Lab Overview:

The purpose of this lab is to examine and identify the appropriate environments that produce ordinary cells, multi cell systems, and supercells.

1. For each of the radar data sets below, determine the convective mode. Save an image example or two as evidence of your mode selection.

2. Download the most representative sounding data for the environment producing the convection on the respective days. Plot the CAPE and shear values on the CAPE/Shear diagram discussed in class. Do the values fall on the appropriate locations on the diagram? Discuss the differences/similarities in the CAPE and shear values on each of the days. A table might be a convenient way to summarize the results.

Radar data sets:

Day A) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/02aug05

Day B) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/07jul04

Day C) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/04may03

Day D) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/10jun03

Day E) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/21jul03

Day F) /mnt/homes/CLASSES/meso/22jun03