1. Discuss the relationship between the Beaufort, Fujita, and Mach scales
  2. What are the inherent limitations of the F scale? What are notable differences between the EF and F scales?
  3. Discuss the different scales of rotation observed within tornadic storms.
  4. Discuss the relationship between the radial velocities, reflectivity, and visual characteristics of the funnel.
  5. What creates the WEH?
  6. How are cusps and trochoidal marks made by tornadoes?
  7. Why are the number of tornadoes increasing with time?
  8. Where do they tend to form around the world?
  9. Discuss the temporal, seasonal, and spatial variation of severe weather activity.
  10. What is the most common tornado intensity (on the EF scale)?
  11. What are some of the more common instruments deployed to collect data on tornadoes?
  12. Discuss some of the leading theories or ideas related to supercell and non-supercell tornadogenesis.