1. Why is it important for the updraft to tilt with height? What causes the updraft to tilt?
  2. What is a vortex line? Describe the formation of the mid-level mesocyclone in the context of vortex lines and the vorticity equation.
  3. Why is it that the mesocyclone is associated with low pressure at the center regardless of which way it is rotating?
  4. Why do supercells split?
  5. Discuss the importance of buoyancy and non hydrostatic perturbation pressure gradient forces for the supercell updraft.
  6. When the environment contains clockwise curvature in the hodograph, why is the right-moving storm enhanced and the left-mover supressed?
  7. Why does the right-moving supercell propagate the the south relative to the 0-6 km mean flow?
  8. Discuss supercell motion when the hodograph is straight.
  9. Discuss the formation of the low-level mesocyclone in the context of the vorticity equation, vortex lines, streamwise and crosswise vorticity.